SHOUTcast is a cross-platform application for streaming media online. The conceptualization as well as creation is developed by Nullsoft, one of the well known and best application creator. It allows digital audio content such as .MP3 or HE-AAC format that can be broadcasted from media player software. Shoutcast has that ability create Internet radio “stations” as per customize frequency. SHOUTcast comes under the free GUI licensing distributed streaming audio system.

How Can The Client User Install SHOUTcast ?

Generally you don’t want to run SHOUTcast as root as that can create a security issue, instead we’ll create a SHOUTcast user:

Step 1) First of all login to your server to root through SSH on the server. There you will have to add a new set of passwords and remember them. As soon as you complete the entire procedure, you can easily login as the new SHOUTcast user

Step 2) Procedure to Install SHOUTcast on your server. First, download the application to the server from the command wget “link” as done above.

a) wget…-glibc6.tar.gz
Then you have to extract SHOUTcast on your server by untaring the file.
b) tar -zxvf shoutcast-1-9-2-linux-glibc6.tar.gz

Lets tidy up the directory:
c) rm -rf shoutcast-1-9-2-linux-glibc6.tar.gz

mv shoutcast-1-9-2-linux-glibc6 shoutcast
cd shoutcast (here the directory get changed to the SHOUTcast folder)
Now we can see that the SHOUTcast server is installed on your web server. The next important step is to configure SHOUTcast on your server.

How to configure SHOUTcast

The most important thing you have to keep in mind while configuring the server is that you must have a backup of your server. Then you have to edit the configuration file. There are multiple ways through which you can edit the configuration files. Open the SHOUTcast config and modify the Portbase, Password and set the MaxUser to your needs. You will also have to change the following settings in the file:

I) pico sc_serv.conf
or you can use vi which expert recommend are as follow,
II) vi sc_serv.conf
the II process is much advanced to use.
III) nano sc_serv.conf

You can also uncomment the AdminPassword and set an admin password. Now at this point you can go through the settings and change them to what you want or you can save and start SHOUTcast and it will work perfectly.

To save crtl+x (if using pico) or :wq if using vi

Benifits Of SHOUTcast Server :-

The most common benefits of SHOUTcast are mentioned below:

# With SHOUTcast a client can create broadcasting channels.
# SHOUTcast also helps listener to listen to the number of internet audio broadcasts.
# Some traditional radio stations use SHOUTcast to extend their presence onto the Web.
# The Broadcasters who have good number of visitors sell add on there broadcasting channel and many more.