Redundancy is a key factor of Cloud Hosting solutions like our VMware Cloud Hosting solutions. However, our Linux Load Balanced Servers similarly provide redundancy by having multiple servers to work together to share the resource utilisation which can provide you with increased performance and reliability of your web applications and high-traffic websites.

For customers that require a Load Balanced solution, our system administrators can set up two or more similarly configured web servers for the Load Balanced set up. The Load Balancer will then take care of an equal utilisation of resources across all Load Balanced servers in the set up and in the event of a separate database server, the SQL queries will be separately sent to the database server for processing. A Load Balanced Server solution provides an exceptional level of performance and reliability that cannot be matched by a single Dedicated Server.

As a result, this set up provides maximum scalability and performance for your uptime-critical websites and web applications. You can also make use of multiple database servers in the cluster for database functions. In the event of one database server failing in the cluster, another database server in the cluster setup immediately takes over within seconds.

We recommend you take a look at our Dual Core and Quad Core Intel Xeon Dedicated Servers for your Load Balancing requirements. For more information about our Linux Server Load Balancing solutions, please contact our sales team.