Leech Protect is a Standard Security feature offered within cPanel. Suppose a user is publically posting usernames or passwords in restricted areas of your website and if it is causing a threat to your website’s security, you can restrict that user from doing the same. This also prevents a user who is trying to access another’s account using the correct username and trying to login using multiple combinations of passwords by guessing them. This prevents users from logging in multiple times within a short time span.

In Leech protect, the default time set is 2 hours. So you can define the maximum number of login’s for users in 2 hours. This is a kind of security feature which can be used for your domains.

How to setup Leech protect for a domain name

1) Assuming that you are logged into your cPanel. You will see a option of “Leech Protect” in “Security” section.

2) When you click on “Leech Protect”, you will get a new window. You can select a domain/ sub-domain which you have added previously in your cPanel.

3) When you click on “OK” button, you will get a new windows where you can select a particular folder which you wish to protect.

4) Once you click on a particular directory, you will get a new window where you can set the required permissions.

Here you can set the number of login attempts which can be made in 2 hours, so the user cannot login more than the limit allotted by you. You can even redirect the users to a different url if they are about to exceed the maximum number of login attempts. You just need to enter a url in that box. You can even send a email alert or a notification to that users email address. You can even suspend the users who are about to exceed the maximum number of login attempts. To reactivate their accounts, you just need to reset their passwords. After filling all the necessary details, you can secure a particular domain name.

If you wish to de-activate or disable Leech Protect, you just need to login into your cPanel, follow the same steps and then click on “Disable Protection”, so that Leech Protect will be disabled.