What is a dedicated server ?

A Dedicated Server is where one customer rents or leases one or more dedicated servers for their own use. A Dedicated Server is dedicated only to a single user and it is setup according to the users preference. With dedicated server web hosting you don’t need to share your server RAM, hard disk space, bandwidth or a connection to the router. With Dedicated server you get your own hosting server for your website instead of having to share a server with others, which could accommodate several websites. In a dedicated server hosting environment, the client decides which Internet services – mail, Web, FTP, etc. fits their needs the best.

A client can put hundreds or thousands of websites on a single dedicated server. The user has complete control of every single process the dedicated server will perform from choosing an operating system to accepting or installing 3rd party software for security, e-mail or whatever the user would need a 3rd party for.

The benefit of using dedicated server hosting is that your website performance will not be affected by high traffic websites that would have been sharing your servers bandwidth. Dedicated hosting is extremely flexible, and often fits the needs of the more sophisticated users. Dedicated servers can be used to manage emails and domains and a dedicated server can be used by a company so that employees can share and access files from wherever they can get internet access. Usually a dedicated server is used by the companies or individuals who run very high traffic sites and need a large amount of bandwidth and consistent performance.