ColdFusion was originally designed in order to make it easier to connect the simple HTML pages to the database. However now it has become a complete platform that includes advanced features for the development of rich internet applications and enterprise integration. ColdFusion is an extremely efficient platform that can be very helpful for scaling up the hosting activities. The main features of ColdFusion include the following:

  • Conversion from HTML to PDF and Flash Player
  • Simplified and convenient database access
  • Graphical user interface [GUI] administration
  • Server and client cache management
  • Server clustering
  • Code generation from the client’s side; from widgets
  • Data retrieval from system applications like POP, HTTP, FTP, Active directory, and common data formats such as RSS
  • File indexing
  • Task scheduling
  • Simplified and faster web service implementation

Along with the features mentioned above, ColdFusion also offers enhanced functionality of the systems. With ColdFusion it also becomes easy operating in a .NET environment and image manipulation also becomes faster and convenient.