DotNetNuke is an automated content management framework that is explicitly intended to be used in intranet and extranet deployments with the open source portals. DotNetNuke contains a set of tools that enables you to build dynamic websites. The information contained in such sites is completely data driven; the information can also be changed automatically as it is contained in file or database. Showing current affairs, publishing blogs, date, time, chat system and other such similar items are the changing or dynamic data that you can easily put on your website with the help of tools provided by DotNetNuke. The key benefits of using DotNetNuke are mentioned below.

  • Simple Web Administration

    There is no programming language required while working on the framework of DotNetNuke. The clients can create, supervise and publish web content without the requirement of any specific technical skills. This enables simple web administration through DotNetNuke.

  • Advanced Features

    DotNetNuke provides the most advanced features that makes it a complete value for money. These features exceed the ones in your homegrown applications. Moreover these features also keep evolving with mulch-functionality in order to cater to the end user requirements. The features of DotNetNuke also save a lot of development time.

  • Powerful Tools

    DotNetNuke also comes with a set of powerful tools. These built in tools are very efficient in terms of providing multi-functionality for site designing, security, hosting, site membership options etc. There are various other tools provided by DotNetNuke that can be adjusted as per your requirements.

  • Support Network

    With DotNetNuke, there is a core team of developers who support the applications of DotNetNuke. Blogs, online forums, online help and various websites give DotNetNuke a dedicated network of support.

  • Simple Implementation

    DotNetNuke provides a free software application for downloading and installing the latest version of DotNetNuke. It is possible to download and get DotNetNuke running within minutes. DotNetNuke also supports a multi-language localization that enables the website to build on it, and it is also possible to translate it in any desired language.

  • Latest Technology

    DotNetNuke makes the use of modern day technology like Visual Web Developer, Visual Studio 2005 ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005, this makes it easier to work with the latest technology.

DotNetNuke has become a preferred choice of webmasters because of the advantages mentioned above. Apart from that, DotNetNuke is also a popular brand in the open source community. Moreover DotNetNuke also facilitates changes at all levels that includes the style sheet elements like color, font type, and bullet points, in order to enhance the overall site appearance. It is also possible to apply new skins and module containers to the site with no repercussion with the content.