What are the advantages of SharePoint hosting?

Dedicated Hosting / March 19, 2011

SharePoint is basically a collection of web based tools and applications that are required for the websites. These tools and applications are mainly used for document management, process management and collaboration. It also provides with complete functionality for hosting websites and supports Wikis and Blogs. SharePoint Hosting provides with a user friendly interface in order to manage the web resources. It provides better web storage space for your documents and web components. This enables easier connectivity and it is also possible to update the files easily. SharePoint enables you in terms of creating a virtual collaborative environment across your company. The other advantages of SharePoint hosting include the following:

Web Based Solution

SharePoint is completely a web based application. It is not necessary for you to download and instal any software with SharePoint Hosting. It is possible to manage your web site with the web browser alone. This goes on to say that you can access your online documents from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. This factor makes SharePoint hoisting one of the most convenient and time saving ways of hosting.


If your website is hosted on SharePoint, it is not necessary for your to buy or download any kind of hardware or software. SharePoint is one of the best and the most affordable solutions for small businesses and low budget websites. SharePoint allows you to increase the hosting space can be increased in accordance with the growth of your website.

Scalability and Flexibility

It is possible to create any number of users with different access rights with SharePoint hosting. This makes it a hassle free way of hosting. There is a managed server and monitored environment on which the website is hosted. You do not have to worry about installation, maintenance, updates or upgrades. The scalability options are also good, it is possible to scale up your hosting activities whenever required within a short span of time.


It is possible to link your SharePoint hosted website with any other interfaces like hosted exchange with Outlook, browsers and other web applications. Moreover SharePoint hosting also enables you to synchronize your contact list from mobiles and Outlook. It is also possible to share these lists with other people who access your account.

Along with the amazing advantages mentioned above, SharePoint hosting will also enable you to customize the templates according to your requirements. Moreover with SharePoint hosting you can also create your own web based applications for enhancing the efficiency further.