Mobile Website BuilderWhat is goMobi?

goMobi is a mobile website builder – a service offered by Web Hosting UK Com LTD. With goMobi site builder, businesses can build a mobile friendly website which can be easily made available to mobile and smartphone users. Today, millons of people are there using their mobile phones, smartphones and tablets to surf the Internet and Web to seek information and services.

The goMobi service make sure that your business is available to your clients anywhere, anytime. All thanks to goMobi’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface, clients can instantly access all the necessary and important details about a business and can easily contact the business with a single click or touch.

Why has mobile web become so important today?

Since, the usage of smartphones and other similar devices is rising to access the web to search products and services. Also, It may be possible that your clients are searching for you on their devices. With a little effort you can convert those users into a customer by creating a mobile version of your website.

Along with the computer users, if you want to target the mobile users then you must get your website developed for mobile web browsers. If you don’t, you would simply miss the opportunity of gaining new clients via mobile devices.

How are mobile websites superior than PC sites?

Basically, the mobile sites are created to utilize the most special features of mobile phones to offer the best possible experience to the visitors. Besides the adaption of the small screen of a smartphone, they can easily use their touch or keypad to directly access the key information that the visitor is looking for.

With the help of unique features such as the ‘call us’ , with the one touch the customer is able to call your business very easily. Also, the ‘find us‘ features offers them access to the Google map exploring the directions from customer’s current location to the business location.

How my goMobi mobile site will be built?

Using the goMobi control panel, the mobile site can be built within minutes. To access the control panel, simply login to your billing area, go to Hosting Details >> Manage Hosting >> goMobi >> View Details >> and simply click on “Login to control panel”. Use the easy-to-use Setup Manager to build a mobile version of a website.

When you sign up for goMobi, you get access to the user friendly goMobi Setup Manager which puts you in charge of your site’s look and content. It will allow you to populate your website’s important details such as Telephone number using “Call Us” field, Address using “Find US” field, Business Logo using “Logo” field, etc…

GoMobi 30 Day Free Trail – how does it work?

Webhosting.UK.Com offers a 30 day free trial on the goMobi Mobile Website Builder service using the “TRYGOMOBI” coupon code. During the free trial period, customer can make the required changes to their mobile site, however, if the customer don’t want to continue with the mobile website service, he/she needs to cancel the service before the expiration of the 30 days free trial period.

What things are included in the goMobi Mobile Site Builder package?

The goMobi service includes the hosting of your goMobi website and offers unlimited access to the Setup Manager to modify and enhance your mobile site. There is no extra costs associated for accessing the setup manager multiple times. You can access it as many times as you want and update your mobile site.

Do I have to buy another domain for my mobile website?

Since, all websites requires a domain name whether its computer version site or mobile version, however, you don’t have to buy a different domain name, instead you can use your existing domain to create the service.

Do I need to buy a .mobi domain name to create a mobile website with goMobi?

Basically, a .mobi is a perfect and always recommended domain extension for a mobile website. The .mobi domain extension indicates the end users and search engines that your site is mobile friendly. However, if you wish to use a domain name with a different TLD extension, you can certainly use it. Another way is to use a subdomain such as “”, where your goMobi site will be built and accessed using the”.

Is it possible to delete the domain name while keeping the goMobi content?

Certainly you can, just make sure you mention another domain for your goMobi mobile site to keep it active for your mobile web users.

How quickly the changes are reflected on the .mobi site, if I change the source site to a different one?

Changing the source site to a different one won’t have any effect. Once you change the source site, within minutes the site will start serving the content to the audience.

How will people find my mobile friendly website created with goMobi?

There are various ways people can find your website, the best among them are: via Search Engines & via QR Code.

The search engines has the capability of recognizing the mobile websites. You just have to create a sitemap of your mobile website and submit it to Google just like a regular sitemap. Another way is to create a QR code for your website and promote it on posters, flyers and also in the print media.

What will be the advantages of goMobi to my customers?

Various studies has shown that audiences accessing a PC version of websites often abandon such sites as it takes too much time and data to load the website and it becomes real hard to find the exact information they need. Such users often ignore such websites and look for a another mobile friendly websites.

The goMobi website builder helps you to avoid such instances and provides a satisfactorily result to your visitors by offering them the exact information regarding your business without any hassle. A website built using the goMobi service helps you to save your valuable time and money and increases the conversion rate.

Does goMobi site builder allows to add a page to the mobile site?

Yes. The goMobi Setup Manager allows you to create any number of pages using the “create page” feature.