What is Web Server ?

Web Server is basically what most people refer to when they say ‘server’. The basic function of a web server to is host and show up web pages over the Internet via a web browser. This usually involves a web server program such as Apache or IIS on a single physical server or it can be part of a cluster of multiple databases, applications and web servers configured to act as a single unit.

Web Server Foundation

Although there are many ways to implement a web server the most common way with the help of which a web server provides web pages over the Internet is by storing the content of the web page files on the hard drive of the server. The web server then provides these stored files using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to visitors who request it through their web browser as a web page.

Many web servers also include functions such as email, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), scripting languages support and other programs which are useful in creating web pages. A web server can also be used to act as the front-end for application servers and to provide access to application programs. In other words a web server is an integral part of making applications available via the web.

When numerous small web hosting accounts are created on a single web server it is called shared hosting. When the web server has only one user and it is dedicated only to his websites, it is called a dedicated web server or dedicated server hosting. A dedicated web server can also be used as a part of a cluster to improve throughput and reliability.

Web Server Hosting

A web server can be hosted in corporate data centers, but the trend is to outsource them to hosting companies for increased reliability, security, 24/7 monitoring, Server management and to lower the overall costs. So when looking for a web server provider look for one who has a tier 1 data center for increased levels of redundancy and improved system uptime.