What is Virtuozzo Power Panel?

Virtuozzo Power Panels is a powerful web-based recovery and administration tool, intended for use by VPS web hosting owners. With Virtuozzo Power Panel, a user with administrative access to a VPS can easily perform many critical management tasks:

  1. VPS Start/Stop/Reboot
    Start, stop, fast stop and restart the VPS.
  2. VPS Services Management
    Manage VPS services and processes such as stopping an offending task or restarting a service.
  3. VPS Resource Monitoring
    Monitor VPS resource utilization for CPU, system, disk space and disk inodes.
  4. VPS Backup/Restore
    Back up and restore the VPS from the backup including all system and user files.
  5. VPS Repair
    Start the VPS in repair mode when a VPS is broken and does not boot.
  6. Embedded SSH Client
    Connect via integrated SSH client to the VPS.
  7. VPS Re-install
    Reinstall the VPS from scratch, either saving or discarding existing files.
  8. VPS Actions Log
    View the VPS actions log to monitor resource shortage alerts and various VPS events.