Q. Do you provide unmetered bandwidth connection on Dedicated Servers ?

Ans: We provide unmetered bandwidth connection options with our Linux/Windows dedicated servers. We offer 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps Unmetered bandwidth connection with the dedicated server. Unmetered Dedicated Servers will have full duplex dedicated bandwidth connection it will not be shared. If you buy a 10 Mbit port, you are guaranteed to be able to use 10 Mbit whenever you need it!

Web Hosting UK Unmetered Network is fully redundant, traffic will fallback to the High Quality Network if needed.

Unmetered bandwidth options:

1. 10 Mbit Unmetered bandwidth – dedicated, unshared 10Mbit full duplex connection.
2. 100Mbit Unmetered bandwidth – dedicated, unshared 100Mbit full duplex connection.
3. 1000Mbit Unmetered bandwidth – dedicated, unshared 1000Mbit full duplex connection.

Unmetered bandwidth pricing:

1. 10 Mbit Unmetered bandwidth – £ 20.00 per month
2. 100Mbit Unmetered bandwidth – £ 799.00 per month
3. 1000Mbit Unmetered bandwidth – £ 4000.00 per month