Reseller hosting is one of the most unique types of web hosting that gives access to all the server resources and tools that are required to build, brand, market, and establish a successful web hosting site. When you become a hosting reseller, you can start your own hosting services within a short span of time with minimal investment. The most desirable features of reseller hosting include the following.

Simplified Website Creation

This is one of the most desirable attribute of reseller hosting, that is facilitated through the use of website building tools and content management systems that can be controlled through administrative interfaces. The tools provided in a reseller hosting plan enable you to design your own web hosting site through the use of various templates; these templates can be quickly applied to every page without affecting the content. Along with building the site it is also easy to supervise the site and adjust the control panel interfaces. When a client logs in to your website they will see your custom logo in the top corner of the control panel, so they will not really come to know that you are a hosting reseller.

Plan Creation

When you invest in a reseller hosting plan you will be given a specific amount of server resources, and you have the freedom to split these resources in personalized plans for your clients. It is possible to allocate a specific amount of web hosting resources to every client, and carefully price your plans in order to maximize profit margins. In other words you are the master of your own web hosting business with a reseller hosting plan. You will also get the ability to quickly change the size of your web hosting plans, you can offer to each client with the required resources. The flexible plan creation feature enables you to maximize your profits and the overall efficiency of your web hosting business.

Payment Collection

When it comes to collecting payment from your clients, your reseller web hosting control panel will provide you with the necessary tools that are required to establish automated billing through e-mail, and even the payments will be collected automatically through payment processing utilities that can be installed on your website. Right from the beginning your web hosting site will be able to collect virtual payments. The automated billing application included with your reseller web hosting plan can also instantly calculate how much a client owes you on the basis of server resources used, and then they can be billed accordingly.