Q. Can I host an adult website?

Ans: Yes, we allow adult content website hosting on our servers. You can host an adult website as long as the adult website complies with our terms and acceptable use policy. Adult content on the website has to be legal and you should hold the copyright releases to all the information, including the images, videos.

It won’t be a problem if you don’t hold copyright tags for the content but you need to ensure that you don’t copy content or images from any other copyrighted website nor you should display child pornographic content on your adult website. You should also ensure that you follow our No Spam Policies as any sort of activity that may result into problems for other customers will result in problems for your website.

We provide various Linux and Windows web hosting plans for adult website hosting. As per your need you can opt for cpanel hosting, windows hosting, vps hosting, semi-dedicated, dedicated server hosting packages.

For more information please contact our sales department through 24×7 online chat support our helpdesk.