The passwords are case sensitive; at times the users may forget them and be in a bad situation. Here is the process for resetting the Plesk root password by using shell and command prompt.

Reset Plesk root password through Shell: Plesk Linux

[[email protected] root]# cd /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/

[[email protected] bin]# ./ch_admin_passwd —help

./ch_admin_passwd: Utility for setting the Plesk administrator’s password

Fetches password from the environment variable PSA_PASSWORD

Password must be ranging from 5 to 16 symbols and it should not contain login name, whitespace, quotes or national characters

[[email protected] bin]# export PSA_PASSWORD=’newpass’

[[email protected] bin]# echo $PSA_PASSWORD

[[email protected] bin]# ./ch_admin_passwd

[[email protected] bin]# export PSA_PASSWORD=

[[email protected] bin]# cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow

[[email protected] bin]#

Reset Plesk Admin Password through Command Prompt: Plesk Windows

Plesk Windows Root Password can also be retrieved and reset with the help of the plesksrvclient binary that is situated in the %plesk_bin% directory.

Open the Windows Command Prompt and type the following command and hit enter:

cd %plesk_bin%

It will go to the directory where the Plesk Bin folder is situated

For getting the existing root password, enter the following command:

plesksrvclient.exe -get

It will display the existing password through a popup window. If you would like to copy it on the clipboard, click on the OK button.

In order to set a new password, enter the command mentioned above without “-get”

plesksrvclient.exe <NEWPASS>

It will allow you to add a new desired password for your Plesk Admin account.

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