If you would like to reinstall your script, first it is essential to remove the current installation. This will help in avoiding any errors that can be caused by the existing files present in the installation directory. This goes on to say that the application has to be deleted completely. In case you require any of the old data, it is recommended that you must create a backup for it before deleting it.

The uninstallation process consists of the following steps:

* Go to your cPanel and follow the link to Softaculous through the ‘Software / Services’ tab

* From the top right menu select the ‘All Installations’ button

* On the new page you will come across a list of installed applications. Locate the one that you would like to uninstall and then click on the ‘Remove’ button

* Install the application back by selecting it from the left hand side menu

This completes the process of reinstalling the application in Softaculous.