Cloud server hosting comprises of a cluster of servers that are connected together in order to provide a better hosting platform with better features. These connected servers are called as a cloud or cluster. They enable the users to utilize the resources from all the servers on the cloud. Cloud server hosting offers amazing features like power, memory, processing speed and shared hard drives.

It is possible to add or remove these servers anytime and therefore the users get maximum benefits, if in case one server goes down then an alternate server can be used. The best feature of cloud hosting is that it bills the users in accordance to their usage. Therefore there is no way you will end up paying more for your hosting activities.

The framework of cloud server hosting is based on the following factors


Cloud server hosting provides a better uptime as compared to any other forms of web hosting therefore there is absolutely no downtime to your website; therefore cloud server hosting is considered one of the most affordable forms of web hosting. There is a cluster of servers in cloud server hosting therefore the strength is increased and 100% uptime is ensured.


Cloud server hosting easily enables you to add or remove the resources according to your requirements without moving to a different server. This flexibility enables you to have a control over the expenditures. Moreover if your website requires more resources then you can scale your hosting activities within a short span of time.

Technology Integration

Cloud server hosting enables you to use different technologies; this may not be possible with the other forms of hosting. For example you can use .php and .asp files together and they can also be used in the same folder as it is possible to draw the necessary technologies from the cloud server. This provides you with better flexibility and the capacity to use almost any types of technologies.