Sub Domains – Explanation And Benefits

Subdomains can also be called as a child domain or the third level domains which are also used to organize your web site content. A domain that is also a part of thee larger domain name in DNS hierarchy where as Domain Name System hierarchy consists of the root-level domain at the top hierarchy, under this top level heerarchy followed by second-level domains names and finally the have also notice that with in the URLs which is your Uniform Resource Locators,

The TLDs (Top level Domains) are on the extreme right, and each subsequent level down is one step to the left.If you are planing for the futhur you must keep in mind that the use of subdomains is to help and organize your website and therefore keep your domain name to a reasonable size.

If your domain name is easy to type and could be remember, you’re placing yourself in a position to have an organized web site that’s easy to find and navigate and thus will help catch visitors.In popular parlance, subdomain refers specifically to the level of division after domains. Coming after the main Top Level Domains and domains name, subdomains forms the third level of the hierarchy.

The Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), the TLDs are on the far right, and each subsequent level down is one step to the left. So you would expect to find subdomains to the left of the domain name. Some people use the term vanity domain to refer to a subdomain. Especially because the term vanity domain has a particular meaning with regard to unintended use of Country code TLDs (cTLDs), it is suggested that the names be kept distinct. They are just like folders under your root directory. But they will have a special URL to access.

is an URL with subdomain “blog”.
Here the: is the first level domain
webhosting is the second level domain
blog is the third level domain

What is the purpose of subdomains?

1. Any one who has a online business can organise his web site like blogs, help, store and FAQ at ‘’.And your products and order links under ‘’ etc.

2. After create a subdomain and given the access with their own user name and password, the members with in that can easily share your disk space with your friends and family.

3. If you have a seperate departments on your web site like support,order and sales etc you can create & can also organise the email addresses that comes [email protected], [email protected] etc.

4. Long URLs are cut short to a subdomain, so it is easy to remember the short URL instead of long URLs.