We’ve been receiving frequent queries asking about the ways to find and delete empty directories in UNIX / Linux. The reason it needs to be identified and deleted is because they might face issues with processing with multiple utilies which may also include rm command.

The following command would help you find empty files & directory

find . -type d -empty — for directory
find . -type f -empty — for files

Delete all empty directories under the current directory using the following command :

find . -type d -empty -exec rmdir {} \;

To see the count of files users have in use the following command :

wc -l find . -type f -empty | wc -l
For non-empty files count :
find . -type f -not -empty | wc -l

In all the above examples replace the ( . – dot) with directory absolute path under which you would like to search the files.

Note: It is not recommended to remove empty directories from any system directories.