How to configure VirtueMart to work with SSL?

VirtueMart is one of the open source e-commerce system. This solution is being used my plenty of webmaster for easy solution with a complete compatible designed as an extension of Mambo or Joomla Content Management System. With the VirtueMart the developer has used the PHP code and MySQL database, so majority do still prefer the linux web hosting plans for hosting their websites. Its completely difficult to install the VirtueMart standalone, it needs few Plug-in to support the bask end coding and do requires the PHP Content Management System which is Joomla or Mambo. So you must install the CMS first than the VirtueMart.

To secure your shopping online, an SSL is required. To install Virtuemart, there are two ways which you can follow

A) Private SSL certificate

B) Shared SSL certificate.

There are few restrictions which should be considered while preceding. Below you will find the guidelines which has to be taken care and the post will also guide user with how such kind of certificate user want to install. The configuration depending on the certificate you want to use.

Below you will find guidelines how to configure it depending on the certificate you want to use.

SSL Certificate

VirtueMart with Private, Shared SSL Certificate

In this post I have assumed that the client has already purchased the SSL certificate. In order to configure the VirtueMart to use Private SSL, a private user can follow the below mentioned instructions below for the using SSL in Virtualmart.

1. First of all get in to your VirtueMart website. You would be having the administrative username as well as password to get in to that account.
2. In the left menu, you just need to enter the detail you have for you in VirtueMart admin area by clicking on Admin link .
3. Click on Admin link in the top menu of the admin area and choose Configuration from the drop down menu.
4. Click on the Path as well on the URL tab.
5. Admin can easily change with the help of secure URL by setting from to . By adding https: its makes much secured.

VirtueMart And Shared SSL Certificate

As you are planning to configure the VirtueMart for using the shared SSL certificate, you have to follow the below mentioned steps 1 through 4 which are described above. It’s necessary to have the important change with in the secure full setting by using the URL to https://serverip/~user. Here a user can see that the server IP address is the IP address of your web hosting server. The end user can see the username, and you can also able to use those login to your cPanel. You can find your web server IP without any trouble by just going into your cPanel platform. In the customer Area->Manage Accounts section-> Manage page of the account in question.

Make a note that the shared SSL certificate will result in warning massages via popup for the people who are checking stuff through your VirtueMart.