What is SharePoint Hosting?

SharePoint is a Microsoft product that facilitates the perfect integration of the teams in the organization through an efficient communication platform. It also provides an online community for document collaboration. Information storing and sharing can be centralized through SharePoint hosing; and this information can be easily accessed and shared by the teams in the organization. This information can be stored in the form of contacts, tasks, documents, links, calenders, events, discussions, announcements etc.. SharePoint increases the efficiency in terms of information sharing and enables good communication between the employees of the organization.

What are the prerequisites of SharePoint Hosting?

The first most important basic thing is to sign up for a SharePoint Hosting package. It is crucial to check if the SharePoint servers provided by the web hosting company are secure and you can be connected to them through the internet connection. Once you have established the SharePoint hosting account, it is possible for you and your team mates to access it from anywhere around the world, through internet connectivity. This is one of the best solutions for those professionals who travel frequently and who require access to official material and documents related to the business.

Is it possible to make changes in the SharePoint hosting plan?

Web Hosting UK offers some of the most flexible SharePoint Hosting Plans; it is surely possible to make the changes you want, it is possible to upgrade or downgrade the account. Whenever you feel the necessity of upgrading the resources, you can easily do that by getting in touch with our Billing Department and mention the details of the package you would like to upgrade to.

Is a custom SharePoint layout provided?

You can use the SharePoint Designer in order to select the layout you want. There are no restrictions on that.

Is it possible to resell the SharePoint to the client?

Yes it is possible to resell the SharePoint to the clients. In case you need any information on reselling the SharePoint services, you can get in touch with our sales team through a live chat.

How many users can use SharePoint at a time?

The number of users that can use the SharePoint can approximately range between 1 to 100; this also depends on the SharePoint hosting package that you choose. For more information about the SharePoint packages, visit – SharePoint VPS Hosting.

What level of access is offered with the SharePoint hosting package?

Web Hosting UK will provide you with a Full Administrative RDP Access.

Is it possible to install custom WebParts on the server?

Yes it is possible, there are no restrictions on that. Furthermore, if you need assistance for installing the custom WebParts, you can initiate a live chat with our technical support team or you can also raise a ticket with the help desk.

What are the unique features of SharePoint hosting?

SharePoint is a an efficient system that offers a lot of features. The main features offered by SharePoint Hosting are mentioned below

  • SharePoint enables you to transfer the documents from a local PC to the online document library through internet.
  • SharePoint hosting enables you to manage a project and and collect information from almost any location
  • All the important and critical business data can be accessed from anywhere
  • SharePoint also provides with automated e-mail alerts in case any alterations are made in the stored material
  • It is possible to assign security levels to users based on the priority.
  • SharePoint is fully compatible with with Microsoft Office and Hosted Exchange
  • Shared calendars offered with the SharePoint enables the users in terms of organizing and grouping the announcements and appointments
  • SharePoint also makes it possible to share pictures through the picture library, this is one of the most interesting feature of SharePoint hosting