About Private Nameservers

Private name servers would be like and Instead of using the nameservers of your host you use the private nameservers. You use these nameservers for the domain names you host on the reseller account.

Learn how to go about setting your private name servers.

You will need to set these on server side and with your Domain Registrar (the one who registered the domain for you). Please be advised registering nameservers is different than setting them on server and further assigning them to a domain name.

Let’s see the registrar part first: You will receive two IP’s from your hosting company when you ordered for a reseller hosting plan from them

For e.g.: and

You now provide these IP’s to your registrar and request them to register the nameservers with these IP’s.
Note: Please make sure you replace with your actual domain name.

If you are setting up nameservers for a domain that was purchased as a part of your Hosting Plan from us (, you will simply need to submit a help desk ticket with the Billing Dept. and have them register your nameservers.

Next, the server side changes.
Your host will help you with this part. They will first set an ‘A’ record for these nameservers using the IP’s and next add these nameservers in the “Reseller Center” so all your future accounts that you create from the reseller account are created using your private name servers.

You have now registered and set the nameservers on the server you have your reseller account set.

The Final Step: Pointing your domain to these nameservers

The final step is to start using the nameservers by pointing your domain to the private nameservers.
You can login to your registrar account or contact your registrar and have them change/set the nameservers to these private nameservers that you registered as:

Each of your customer will need to follow the above step of Pointing the domain to your private nameservers. Only then their domain resolves from the server you are on.

Note: Please note that when you change a domain’s nameservers, the domain name might temporarily stop working for few hours, while it propagates throughout the internet with the new nameservers you just made it use.

Hope the above steps help you to register and set your private nameservers.