What are private name servers ?

Private name servers are the name servers which includes your own domain name. Private name servers would be ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com. Usually when you sign up for web hosting you use your hosts name servers.

What are my private name servers IP’s ?

Each reseller server has it’s own DNS so you’ll need to refer to your welcome email for the nameserver information. For ns1.yourdomain.com the IP would be the IP listed in your welcome email. For ns2.yourdomain.com the IP would the same accept change the last number in the IP to be one digit higher. Example: If the IP listed in your welcome email was your ns2.domain.com name servers IP would be

What are the benefits of having your own private name servers ?

Many resellers choose to have their own private name servers for appearance reasons. As a reseller hosting client you can resell our hosting packages or create your own hosting packages and prices and resell to your clients under your own brand name. Your clients won’t know that you are reselling our web hosting services unless you let them know. We remain completely in the background and management of the server hardware and software will be taken care of by us. Using our default name servers would seem less professional for a web hosting company run by our reseller.

How Do I get Private Name Servers ?

To setup private name servers you will need to create the name servers at the place you registered your domain from. Every domain registrar has a different process for creating domain name servers. While setting up private name servers, try and look for something along the lines of “register DNS” “create DNS” or “add DNS” from within your account with your registrar. From there you can register your private name servers. Once your private name servers are registered with the registrar you can start to use them. You will have to use the IP address, provided in the welcome email, while registering the private name servers.