What is Load-Balancing ?

Ans: Load-balancing enables the traffic distribution of a busy website among a server cluster. Busy websites usually employ a server cluster of two or more server to evenly distribute traffic whereby traffic is evenly distributed among all servers in the cluster. Using this technology, multiple small servers can be used in the place of one large server. This not only ensures high performance but also ensures redundancy. If a server in a cluster experiences an unusually high load it will no longer receive traffic and the other servers will take over the load.

Load Balancing also allows scalability wherein servers can be added or removed from the cluster as and when needed.

Can I cluster my existing server ?

Ans: Yes, you can cluster your existing server(s). The applications on the servers may need to be set up correctly for load balancing, but an existing server can be used in a load-balanced configuration.

Is all the traffic automatically distributed ?

Ans: No. Each Web Server will have a public IP assigned to it as well as a Internal LAN IP. After the implementation of Load Balancing routing rules on the Load Balancer, we configure Firewall rules to allow web traffic on the Web servers to pass trough the Load Balancer.

Will I be able to reach my servers directly ?

Ans: Yes. There will be a virtual IP that represents the cluster and each server will also have its own real IP that can be used to access the server directly.

Can I add or remove servers from my cluster without downtime ?

Ans: Absolutely. One of the best things about load-balancing is that it allows you to add or remove servers from the cluster without any downtime. It also allows to upgrade software or the OS on one server at a time while the cluster continues to function and serve content.

How much traffic can a cluster handle ?

Ans: That depends on the individual servers in the cluster. The cluster can handle the total traffic that all the servers in the cluster can handle.

Do the servers in a cluster have to be identical ?

Ans: You can have servers with different hardware and software specifications clustered together. This also allows for great flexibility.

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