Q. What exactly semi-dedicated server hosting means.

Ans: Semi-Dedicated server is not a fully private dedicated server that you own yourself. That will be a dedicated server. Webhosting UK semi-dedicated server is a dedicated server that is shared only between 12 clients. With the semi-dedicated server you will get full root ssh access, administrative RDP access and 1GB guaranteed RAM. You have total control over your server and configuration. You have access to a large portion of the server resources, allowing you to run more traffic and resource intensive websites as well as more complex scripts and softwares without CPU latency becoming an issue.

Webhosting UK semi-dedicated hosting accounts are setup on a powerful Dual Quad Core Intel Xeon E5420 processors. The servers is having 12 GB DDR2 RAM which ensures that each semi-dedicated account hosted on the server gets at least 1 GB of Guaranteed RAM.

Semi-dedicated server is the perfect intermediary step between migrating from a virtual private server (VPS) hosting to a dedicated server and it also gives you room to expand before you have to invest in a full fledged dedicated server. Semi-Dedicated web hosting is for users that want more power than virtual accounts often offer, but aren’t quite ready to make the leap to a dedicated server.