Web hosting providers that offer Reseller Hosting with overselling permits their customers to create accounts irrespective of the resources the Reseller Hosting account is allocated. This means you would be able to create as many hosting accounts as you like, and the only way in which problems would arise is if you run out of disk space or monthly bandwidth or your web hosting provider contacts you because you are hosting too many busy websites on your Reseller Hosting account.

It may sound great to have a reseller account where you can create as many accounts as you like without being restricted by the bounds of the resources that are allocated to your Reseller Hosting account, but unless you really want to oversell and host hundreds of accounts on your reseller account, you won’t find a need to have overselling permitted, nor is it a good thing.

What’s the problem with overselling?

It depends entirely on how you make use of your reseller account. Reseller hosting, like Shared Hosting, is a shared hosting hosting and so is a shared environment – your reseller account is hosted on a server with hundreds of other resellers on a high-performance server. The benefit of this is that you can get shared and reseller hosting at an affordable rate, as the cost is spread out between hundreds of customers. The drawbacks of this is that it is not an adequate solution for uptime-critical websites or websites that receive a high amount of traffic on a daily basis.

If you oversell services, the web hosting company you’re with may contact you to upgrade to a more robust solution; and even then, it increases the potential for customer abuse which can affect every customer on the same server.

Does Webhosting UK offer Reseller Hosting with Overselling?

We do not permit overselling with our Reseller Hosting packages for a few reasons. First and foremost, we want to make sure every customer has a good experience and by preventing customers from creating more accounts than resources they have on their reseller account, it can prevent problems occurring with the performance of the server in general if a customer is abusing their resources.

And when you really take into consideration the amount of accounts you can create on most hosting packages, you won’t need to have a reseller account with overselling enabled. For example, our Linux Silver Reseller Hosting package comes with 40GB web space and 100GB monthly bandwidth. You can create 80 accounts with 500MB web space each, 40 accounts with 1GB web space each and 20 accounts with 2GB web space each. By the time you have as many as 80 active traffic websites on your reseller account, you should be considering a more robust hosting solution such as VPS Hosting – especially if you are a web hosting provider.

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