Here are some general FAQ’s about Reseller hosting.

Que.1: Is there a limit on number of users that I can add to my account once I purchase a Reseller hosting plan from you ?
:- If you order a Linux Reseller hosting plan, then there is no such restriction on the number of users that can be added to your account. You can resell the hosting plan to “n” number of users, but must make sure that you have enough resources while doing so. Whereas, if you order a Windows Reseller hosting plan, then there is a limit set on the number of website that can be hosted on a particular hosting plan. So just make sure that you choose the correct hosting plan before placing the order.

Que.2: Will there be a separate control panel for each domain that I host with my Reseller account?
Ans. – Yes, there will be a separate control panel for each domain that you would host with your Reseller account.

Que. 3: How will I manage my entire Reseller account? Is there any additional application needed via. which I can manage my Reseller account?
Ans.- You can manage your entire Reseller account via WHM(Web Host Manager) which is the master control panel provided along with the Reseller account. WHM is provided as Standard feature with our Reseller hosting plans, you don’t need to pay any additional charges for that.

Que. 4: How much time would be taken to setup my Reseller account once I sign up and pay for the hosting plan?
Ans.- Your hosting account will be activated instantly as soon as we receive your payment.

Que. 5: What is the server uptime, as it will play a vital role in convincing my customers?
Ans.- We provide 99.95% uptime guarantee on our UK Reseller hosting plans.

Que. 6: Will there be any Technical support provided to my customers or will I be responsible for providing Technical support to them ?
Ans.- Yes, a 24×7 Free Technical support would be provided to your customers. So you don’t need to worry about the Technical issues faced by your customers.

Que 7: If I wish to upgrade my hosting plan to VPS or Cloud or a Dedicated server, how easy will that be ?
Ans.- If you opt for a hosting plan with a similar control panel that you have opted with the Reseller plans, we will migrate the data on the new server, that too at no additional cost.

Que 8: Can I use Private Nameservers in your Reseller hosting plans?
Ans:- Yes, you can register Private Nameservers for free.

Que. 9: Can I add SSL certificates and Dedicated IP’s to my account later ?
Ans.- Yes you can. Apart from that you can add other Addons services such as Dedicated IP’s or Paid side builders by paying applicable charges etc. later.

Que. 10: Do you provide any addons with your Cheap Reseller packages. It can be like any free application?
:- Yes, we do provide a Enom Domain Reseller account Free along with our Reseller plans. You can register domains domains for your clients, suspend domains, renew domains using the Enom Reseller account.

Que 11: Do you provide any Money back guarantee on your Reseller website hosting plans incase I am not satisfied with your hosting services and would like to cancel it ?
:- We are sure about our services and believe that you would never be dissatisfied with the services we provide. Yet, we offer a 30 days money back guarantee on our Reseller hosting plans. You will get a complete refund for what you have paid for. Furthermore, it is required for you to know that, we do not provide refunds on Addons like SSL certificates, Dedicated IP’s, Paid site builder or any licensed applications. Although complete amount of the Hosting plan will be refunded.

Que. 12: If I pay for the Reseller hosting UK plans upfront Annually and cancel it after 2 months, will I get a refund or not and if I upgrade to Cloud or Dedicated server will I get some credit of my Reseller account added against the new order?
Ans.- Yes, you will get a refund of the remaining months or the months for which you have not used the hosting service. If you upgrade the hosting plan to a Cloud or a Dedicated server,the amount for the unused months will be credited to your hosting account.

Que 13: Do you have any offers running as of now if I wish to sign up ?
Ans: Yes, we currently offer a 2 months free hosting service on Annual billing cycle. So you just need to pay 10 months and you can use the hosting service for 12 months.