Softaculous is a popular web application management application that we provide as a core feature with all of our Linux shared web hosting plans. Unlike other script/application managers that are available, Softaculous can be integrated with a number of different web hosting control panels so that web hosting companies are able to provide all customers with a web hosting service that guarantees good value for money; sees Softaculous as being a tool that is vital to beginners that wish to make full use of the features that their Linux shared web hosting package is able to offer them. With a number of different web applications to choose from in Softaculous’s catalogue, there are a number of different functions that you can setup and deploy for your website in just a few clicks.

Installing web applications can be one of the biggest challenges facing those that have never managed a website properly before as there are many technical hurdles to jump, but Softaculous has been introduced by with the intention of simplifying these processes and enabling users of all levels to install applications in their web space. Softaculous can take care of the following for you:

  • More often than not the applications offered by Softaculous will require a database for the storage of content and configuration information – this will be taken care of by the application, including the creation of a user account and the database itself (this will most likely be using MySQL)
  • In order for many web applications to function properly, permissions need to be set as appropriate on the files and folders that form the application; Softaculous will do this for you to make sure that the correct level of permissions are set
  • Updates for the applications that you are using will be released on a regular basis and the installation of these updates will also be taken care of by Softaculous to ensure that the management mechanism and the web application itself remain in synchronisation with one another.

There are a number of applications that form Softaculous’s repository; along with blogging applications such as WordPress that can also be used as the basis for most websites, you can also setup a forum for your website to encourage discussion between your visitors. With many of the applications used by Softaculous having been developed using PHP and MySQL, these installations are transferrable between Windows hosting and Linux hosting from

Softaculous Control Panel Integration

Softaculous is directly integrated into cPanel, the control panel used by to offer our Linux UK Hosting. You won’t need to use any additional login details to access Softaculous with Linux shared web hosting because the link from cPanel will automatically authenticate your login details; your web hosting account details will also be automatically transferred to accommodate for the installation of applications automatically.

There can be many benefits to choosing to use Softaculous for the installation and management of web applications, such as:

  • You are guaranteed a clean and secure install with your database setup and configured to work with the application in question properly; permissions will also be set effectively to ensure that the application functions as expected, but also so that a secure hosting environment is provided
  • If using multiple third-party web applications then you can keep track of the status of each application and the location at which it is installed; this can prove to be highly efficient and will simplify the process of maintaining these applications
  • As a Linux dedicated server customer of, we can arrange for Softaculous to be installed on your server if you are using one of the supported web hosting control panels such as cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin. believes that Softaculous can offer a vital service for our Linux shared web hosting customers because it can simplify many of the processes that would otherwise represent complicated hurdles that those without the relevant knowledge or skills could find it hard to get around. Dynamic web applications are an important part of the fabric of web development because they enable web developers to create scalable and websites that are easy to manage with just a few clicks.