As we all know Cloud Computing has busted as a boon in hosting industry. As cloud computing is going mainstream and the need is growing day by day, almost every IT vendor claims to have some kind of product or service for the Cloud. In a way you can say that, it refers to a computing system in which tasks are assigned through a combination of connections, service and software over a network.

This collective of connections is known as ‘the cloud’. Here instead of buying and owning your own data centers or servers, you buy the compute power and storage services from third party infrastructure providers and leave the management and maintenance of that infrastructure to them.

As its importance is growing day by day, with that growing myths related to it. Following are name to few :

Myth 1 : Cloud isn’t secure : When it come to security everybody has their eyes wide open. This is just a myth that Cloud computing is not secure. It is secured as much as the other servers in the infrastructure of the provider.

Myth 2 : There’s only one single cloud : The concept of cloud itself says that it is the combination of connections, softwares and services. There are at least three forms of cloud computing each with different benefits and risks.
Myth 3 : Cost is advantageous : the basic thing is cost is just one of them, the more important advantage is the ability to move more quickly and accelerate time-to-market.

Myth 4 : Cloud is open : This is one of the biggest myths about cloud is that moving to Cloud will automatically make their apps more open. Unfortunately, Cloud is not immune to vendor lock-in or platform lock-in.

Myth 5 : Everything on the web is Cloud : This is a super myth that whatever exists on the web is cloud computing, rather only the Google Apps qualifies to be a Cloud Service (SaaS) because it supports most of the above tenets. But a simple web app or a web service just doesn’t qualify to be a Cloud service. Because, Google Apps supports 4 tenets to be qualified as cloud.

Above are the some major myths regarding Cloud Computing, there exists more like Cloud will instantly make my app secure, PaaS enables copy & paste of my application to Cloud, Cloud has a steep learning curve etc.