With more and more people realizing the importance of WordPress, it has become an extremely popular website creation and blogging platform. The resources provided with WordPress has also increased the popularity of the WordPress Hosting UK platform. Statistics show that the number of iPhone users is increasing everyday; therefore it is important to customize your WordPress layout for the iPhone users, otherwise you would be loosing out on a huge users who might be interested in browsing your website on the go. You will have to install the WPTouch plugin for making your WordPress website iPhone friendly. Once this plugin is activated, it will provide your website with a custom layout that will be beneficial for the users using iPhone or other smartphone devices.

Follow the steps mentioned below for installing the WPTouch plugin:

Step 1
Login to your WordPress account and go to the dashboard, click on Plugins, and select the ‘add new’ option. Type in WPTouch and click on search:

Step 2
Click on ‘install’ and you will see the following screen:

Click on ‘install now’, type in your information and you will see a message ‘Successfully installed the plugin’

Step 3
Now the final step is clink on the ‘Activate Plugin’ option and you are done!

Step 4
Once the plugin is activated, go back to your dashboard, go to the settings and click on WPTouch

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Now you can adjust the display settings and other options such as listing options, categories, font, skin! Etc. in order to customize your website’s mobile layout with numerous layout options.

Once you have installed the WPTouch plugin, it will make it much easier for the iPhone and other smartphone users to browse your WordPress website easily and thereby the accessibility of your website will increase to a considerable extent.