Major Points To Manage A Server

Sales FAQ / January 19, 2011

When it comes to the technical part, it becomes a little difficult for the web hosting client to manage all the aspects. Signing up with a web hosting company is the most ideal way to host a website. Web hosting companies rescue the web hosting businesses by offering in-house management.

Thus, dedicated servers are broadly classified in to two categories: managed and unmanaged. A managed server is the one that is managed by the hosting company while an unmanaged one is managed by the business that owns it. Server management may include more tasks depending on the needs of the business. there’s various levels in the management of servers.

A fully managed dedicated server is definitely your best bet if you need a hassle-free model of web hosting. However, if you have the technical expertise to handle a dedicated server internally, you may manage it yourself. But if you look at all the benefits you are reaping of it, you’ll realize that you are actually saving money with managed web hosting. Another good thing about managed hosting is that you can choose from different types of managed hosting. Yes, there are types of managed hosting. You have dedicated sever hosting, virtual private sever hosting as well as shared web hosting packages.

Let’s find out some of the major points to manage a server ?

  • The server’s performance has to be monitored continuously.
  • The operating system needs to be updated regularly.
  • The applications on the server need to be updated.
  • The applications should be checked on a regular basis for any failure.
  • The anti-virus and firewall software have to be updated as and when required.
  • Data on the server should be backed up regularly.
  • Audits should be performed to monitor the security of the server.
  • Troubleshooting should be right and on time.
  • Software should be installed and configured on the server as per the website’s needs.
  • The database has to be monitored and kept updated.
  • Security measures should be taken to detect intrusion.