Its a mobile dominated era, successful band must be ‘experience enablers’ and Magento Mobile provides with the perfect platform for creating an impressive brand experience for the consumers that make the use of smart phones anytime, anywhere.

Every website wants to have a presence on smart phones like iPhone, Blackberry and Android, this also holds true in case of the eCommerce websites. It takes certain period of time for developing a mobile application for the smart phones. Magento mobile is a smart application provided by Magento that helps the websites to tap into the business coming form the the smart phone users. It comprises of the features like full catalog, product search, shopping cart, ratings and reviews. The iPhone application can be skinned in accordance with the preferences of the user and it also supports PayPal integration.

Features of Magento Mobile

Customer Engagement

Through the Magento platform you can provide your customers with the most amazing mobile experience that too without incurring high expenses. It provides with the perfect platform through which you can reach out to a wide range of people using the smart phones without incurring high costs.

Seamless Integration

Magento mobile includes complete integration with online payment gateway, stock, monitoring and reporting and all the essential factors related to the functioning of the eCommerce website.

Easy Submissions

Supporting a native app can be difficult and time consuming. Through the Magento platform the management of mobile apps becomes easy and therefore you can focus on running your business!

Multiple Device Management

You can manage multiple devices through a single installation. This is an easy and efficient way to create a presence on the smart phones.


Suitable features and branded themes can be applied to the devises within a short span of time and with just a few clicks. Other attributes of the application like color and application can be modified and adjusted quickly, this function can be performed even if your application is downloaded by the customers.

Getting The Magento Mobile application

Magento mobile application is divided into the following two parts:

* A Magento web store with an XMLConnect extension that is installed and configured

* A native application itself

XMLConnect extension is used for updating your application with the requested data (category listing, product information, etc.) and execute the respective actions like buy, log in, checkout, etc. basically, the application sends a request to the Magento store (XMLConnect) and it responds with an XML result.

Follow the steps mentioned below for setting up the Magento mobile applicatio

* Set up a Magento store on your web server with any sample data

* Go to Magento admin>>Mobile>>Manage Apps and add a new mobile application

* Install Magento Mobile on your device

* Start Magento Mobile Application on your device with your Magento store url and the app code of the application you just created in Magento admin->Mobile

While exploring Magento Mobile, keep a watch on (Apache) activity log file to check exactly what the application is requesting from the server. By carrying out the above mentioned steps, you will be able to setup the Magento mobile application successfully so that your website can be viewed through smart phones.

Why Magento Mobile?

There has been a rapid growth in mobile eCommerce, and all the eCommerce website owners are focused on mobilizing their business. The features and applications provided by the Magento platform is one of the main reasons why people use Magento hosting for their eCommerce websites. Even though Magento has been providing with some mobile web optimized themessince 2008, a majority of business owners want to engage their customers with rich and personalized features that only mobile apps provide. However the cost and time requited to build, integrate, deploy and manage these native apps for various smart phone devices is significant. Magento mobile enables the merchants to create smart storefront applications that perfectly compliment the eCommerce and other websites. The Magento Mobile application is compatible with previous versions of Magento, including Community Edition 1.3+, Enterprise Edition 1.6+, and Professional Edition 1.8.