Q. Do you have any solutions for load balancing?

Ans: Yes, We have solution for load balancing. We offer load balanced Web Servers or Apache Servers and SQL Servers. We have expertise in setup and management of Load Balanced Servers as we are hosting couple of high specification load balanced servers from few years. Load balanced servers are fully configurable to your requirements.

Load balanced servers not only ensures high performance but also ensures redundancy. Load Balancing also allows scalability wherein servers can be added or removed from the cluster without any downtime as and when needed. It also allows to upgrade software or the OS on one server at a time while the cluster continues to function and serve content. You can have servers with different hardware and software specifications clustered together.

Please take a look at our Dual Core and Quad Core Intel Xeon web hosting servers for your load balanced system requirements http://www.webhosting.uk.com/load-balancing-servers.php

Contact us through our Live Chat or call today to discuss a load balanced solution with WebHosting UK on 0808-262-0855, or request a quote online.