Key Hyper-V Business Features Include :-

  • Health Monitoring :- Windows Server Hyper-V has a complete comprehensive product which is integration with the monitoring tools such as SCOM (System Center Operations Manager) to spot.It also has an add-on feature can respond for the error before they get to a larger scales.
  • Live Backup :- Windows Server Hyper-V has the ability to back up the running virtual machines and the data goes without any downtime. If in case a server goes down, its virtual machines can be restored any time and can start on any of the other server, minimizing service interruptions issue.
  • High Availability :- Windows Server Hyper-V running on Windows Server 2008 Enterprise and Windows Server 2008 Data center which give’s client a full authority to cluster guest operating systems and host computers, enabling a variety of high-availability scenarios.

Key Hyper-V Software Testing and Development Features Include :-

  • Self-service portals :- SCVMM which is System Center Virtual Machine Manager has access to the developers ot testers which can create or destroy virtual machines from a self-service configuration library instead of requiring administrator intervention.
  • Broad guest operating system support :- It allows software developers and testers to test and get the exercise software in a comprehensive set of target testing environments.It also supports multiple guest operating system support .
  • Configuration libraries :- Windows Server Hyper-V, used with System Center Virtual Machine Admin, includes the ability to store and manage virtual machines in libraries, calling them into service as needed. Using offline VHD manipulation, administrators can change virtual machines in the library without running the associated virtual machine.
  • Snapshots :- The App knowned as “Snapshots” allow developers and testers can easily roll back the entire virtual machine system configurations with the “last known good” status. Some specific kinds of development and testing also involve a lot of waiting for programs and operating systems to install, uninstall, and reinstall. With the Snapshot feature of Windows Server Hyper-V, a virtual machine can be reset to a previous configuration, minimizing the need to uninstall programs or reinstall operating systems.