Q. Is there any thing you don’t allow which I should be aware of ?

Ans: I am not aware of anything in particular that doesn’t work on our server but we try to help our customers with all they may need and until and unless its impossible for our system Admins. We offer money back guarantee if we fail to stand upto your expectations.

If your question is related to the content on the website, we allow websites with legal Adult content only. Also we do not allow Video streaming on our shared and reseller web hosting plans.

The list of prohibited data includes, but is not limited to –

IRC Bots / Software
BitTorrent software
Proxy software
Any Automated Bots
Warez Sites and Indexing / Linking to other warez sites
HYIP Sites
Hate Sites

If you have any further questions regarding the content that you can host on our servers you can always get in touch with us on our pre-sales chat or call us on our toll free and clear your website hosting related doubts.