In order to install WordPress on Windows, it is important to download, install and configure WordPress. This process is crucial if your WordPress Hosting is based on a Windows platform. The process of installing WordPress on Windows I mentioned below, it wont take more than five minutes to complete this process.

Step 1

1. Things to know before starting the installation process

2. These installation steps can be carried out only on specific version of Windows that includes IIS, to name a few – Windows Vista, Windows XP professional, Windows 7 and Windows Server.

3. You must have the administrator rights so that you can install programs on your system

Step 2

Navigating to the Windows Installation Page

1. Click on the “Install” button.

2. In case you have the Web PI already installed, it will be launched automatically and then you can skip the next step

3. If you don’t have the Web Platform Installer, you will be prompted with a link for installing it

4. Web PI is a tool provided by Microsoft that enables you to download and install the latest components that are required to develop or host Web applications on Windows. This tool can be downloaded for free. Web PI will install and configure IIS, PHP, MySQL and everything else that may be required.

Step 3

Chose to install WordPress

1. When you are done with installing Web PI and it launches, you will come across an information page for WordPress. You can start installing WordPress by clicking on the “Install” button that is present on the lower right hand corner.

Step 4

Installing WordPress

1. Web PI will determine the minimum requirement of components and modules that are required on your system for running WordPress. It will only install the components that are missing.

2. Now the database has to be configured. Once you have accepted the terms, in case you need to install MySQL, you will be prompted to create a password for accessing the root database account. It is crucial to keep this password safe. WordPress will ask for it in the later part of installation.

3. Choose an appropriate website to install WordPress. You can also install it on any existing website in IIS or create a new website. You must use the default settings if you don’t have the advanced configuration needs.

4. WordPress will now ask for a username (in the case of a new MySQL install is root) and password for your MySQL database for completing the installation process.

Step 5

Completing the installation process

1. Once the WordPress setup information is entered, Web PI will complete the installation process

2. Click on Launch in Browser and WordPress will will be launched

You have now successfully installed WordPress on Windows