Microsoft released the IDE WebMatrix which is extremely simple and efficient in providing everything to a developer who needs to publish a site using different technologies and languages, including open source on Windows servers. This also supports WordPress Hosting UK. The tool is specifically suitable for beginners and intermediate developers, who seek a straightforward solution to their problems, without using more complex tools for development. It is also extremely beneficial for those who want to publish a custom WordPress site, for example.

The WebMatix has a code editor that is a simplified front of the notebook, thus simplifying WordPress Hosting UK and also the website development process. WebMatrix is much more convenient as compared to any other IDE. This lets you examine the code for each part of the WordPress site, adjusting and customizing as desired.

You can perform the installation of WebMatrix and WordPress on your computer, do the tests and then publish it quickly.

See how to install WordPress on your computer with WebMatrix

First step: Install the Web Platform Installer

Go to the official Microsoft site and click on “Download “. It will take you to another page where you must still click “Download It Now”. That way you will have already installed the Web Platform Installer, which is the name of Microsoft for a separate application that is used to download applications like WebMatrix.

Second step: Install WebMatrix

Once the Web Platform Installer is run, there will be a button that says “Install WebMatrix.” Click on it. Read and accept the terms of use UAC prompts choice if you’re on Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Third step: Download WordPress

The WebMatrix already running. You will notice a simple screen, clean and easy to navigate. Click on the “From Web Site Gallery” this interface will take you to the full catalog of open-source web applications, among them is WordPress.

Select WordPress and click Next. Now we begin the real fun! We will have to configure a MySQL database, this process is much simpler than creating a web server. If you’re developing a real project, use strong passwords, including numbers and punctuation marks.

Fourth Step: Configuring WordPress

You already have WordPress running on your Windows PC!

From the main menu of WebMatrix, with the familiar interface of Microsoft, find the run button at the top of the window. Click on it and and it will open a new window that will display the location of WordPress is on your PC.

WordPress will ask you the name of your blog and your e-mail. Then it will automatically generate a password for your administrator account. Copy the password and use the next screen with the username “admin”.

Step Five: Celebrate!

Congratulations! WordPress is already installed and you are already logged into the admin panel. Remember that it is running on your computer, and you need not even be connected.

It will probably be an outdated version of WordPress and you find a message you invited to update the version. Click and use the latest version.

Using WebMatrix

After installing WordPress, you’re free to do what you want, without a name or a hosting domain hired.

Click on “Files” window and the WebMatrix browser on the left side will show the site files. You can double-click on any of them to open it in the code editor on the right.

When everything is ready and you want to send into the air (do deploy) you need only click the “Publish” to send it via FTP.

The result

The WebMatrix undoubtedly is the best way of working with WordPress Hosting UK for those who prefer Windows. And you can leave it installed on your own PC. It’s truly designed for developers who do not want to work with complex platforms.