Softaculous enables the user to install a wide range of applications with just a few clicks and within a short time span. As Softaculous enables easy download and support to applications, it is a prominent part of eCommerce hosting. It is offered as an addon with the control panels. In order to install WHMCS with the Softaculous auto installer, you must have a WHMCS License Key as it will be required for the installation process. A free trial License key can be ordered with WHMCS so that it can be tested in the web hosting environment. This key may only be valid for 15 days.

Here’s how you can get the WHMCS free trial License Key

Step 1

Go to and the form mentioned below will be displayed:

eCommerce hosting, Softaculous, WHMCS

Step 2

Enter the required information and make sure that the relevant details are entered:

Step 3

Once you have entered all the necessary information, click on the Sign up button; then you will be navigated to the order control button – “Order Confirmation” like shown in the image given below. Save your order number, it has to be utilized in the next 15 days in case you would like to upgrade to the full version.

eCommerce hosting, Softaculous, WHMCS


Step 4

You will receive the WHMCS free trial license key through email. You will have to use this key during the installation of WHMCS using Softaculous.

The process of installing WHMCS with Softaculous Auto Installer is mentioned below:

Step 1

Login to your cPanel account with the username and password you have received after signing up for the web hosting account.

Step 2

Enter ‘Softaculous’ in the Find box located on the left of the control panel or scroll down and search for ‘Software/Services’ section and Click on Softaculous.

Once you click on the Softaculous application, you will see the screen given below:

eCommerce hosting, Softaculous, WHMCS

This is the main home screen of Softaculous Auto Installer; on the left hand side corner you will see around 176 scripts available for you to install.

Step 3

Now click on the arrow given in front of the “E-Commerce” option. A drop down list will be displayed where ‘WHMCS’ is listed. See image below:

eCommerce hosting, Softaculous, WHMCS

Step 4

Click on the ‘WHMCS’ option as shown in the image given below and you will be taken to the ‘Overview’ page. This page will give you detailed information about the software before installing it. Click on the ‘Install’ tab shown as shown in the image given below:


Step 5

When you click on the install tab, you will be navigated to the installation page.

eCommerce hosting, Softaculous, WHMCS

You will have to enter the details mentioned below in order to install the WHMCS for your website.

Software Setup

Choose Domain: This option enables you to select the domain name. In case you have multiple domains in one account you can select the one where you would like to install WHMCS.

Choose Protocol: Different protocols are displayed in the drop down list, if there is an SSL installed in your website, then you must select the HTTPS protocol or select http://www. or http:// protocol.

In Directory: You can enter the appropriate directory where you want to install WHMCS and make sure that the folder should not exist, enter another directory name as ‘WHMCS and a new directory will get created with that name. If you would like the installation to be done in your root directory, just leave the field empty.

Data Directory: Enter the name of the directory where the data has to be stored, this directory should not be accessible by the web.

Database Name: You must enter the database name that has to be created for the installation

CRON Job: In this option you can mention the cron/task settings according to your requirements.


Company Name: If you have a company name, it can be listed here

Company Email: You can also specify the email address accordingly

Valid License Key: In case you have your own WHMCS license key, enter it or you will have to follow the process mentioned for getting the free trial license key.

Admin Account

Enter the appropriate details in the sections of Admin username, password, first name, last name and admin email.

Step 6

Once you have entered all the necessary information, click on the ‘Install’ button given at the bottom of the page. It will display the screen given below along with the message – ‘Congratulations, the software was installed successfully’ accompanied with the Login URL of WHMCS Admin and it will also display the location where the WHMCS has been installed.


The process of installing WHMCS with Softaculous auto installer is completed and now, you can login into WHMCS with the Admin username and password that was used during the installation of WHMCS.