What is phpBB ?

phpBB is a popular Internet forum package or a open source bulletin board. phpBB is widely known for it’s feature full bulletin board and it also come with the free to use where as millions of users are using phpBB on a daily basis. The reason majority of the user use phpBB because it is released under the GNU which is General Public License. With the phpBB administrator you can make any changes to the code without asking for permission. phpBB have ability to create your own virtual community on your website, complete with user administration, story posting, messaging, comments, pools, and more. It uses PHP and MySQL and therefore requires an advanced or higher account at pair Networks.

Manual Installing of phpBB

Few steps are required to install phpBB into your web hosting account. For installing phpBB the user should have an active SSH session to the paired web hosting networks server. The account you are going to use should be a web hosting account and it must have an active account control center session as well. You must have the SSH or the ACC session logged into your account.

Database Setup :- First, the user has to setup the MySQL database for using the bulletin board.

The steps mentioned below are setup from the account control center (ACC):

1. Log into your ACC (https://my.pair.com)
2. As soon as you enter to your server, select the database management for your blog.
3. Select and click on the create new database.

Normally, experts recommend database name as “phpBB” into the textbox. By adding “phpBB” , your database name will be displayed as follows:


You can leave the other option as it is, the blank values will be taken as default values and select “Add Database”. The users must note down the crucial details that will help them in further processing: Database Name, Database Server, Username as well as Password. All the above information will be required later to add more information.

While login in to the server via SSH session you need to use the commands mentioned below:


Note that if you see “MAPPED_DIRECTORY”

We have to make sure that the substitute name of the directory to which your domain is mapped to your web hosting account.

You will find these directories by following few steps within your Account Control Center (ACC):
1. The most important step is to login into the ACC account that has been created earlier.
2. Select -> Domain Name Management
3. Select the appropriate domain name you are planning to use with the phpBB.
4. The ACC directory is used to map the domain name with the designated field “Domain Mapped:”

When you have complete the steps mentioned above, enter the url mentioned below in your command line

cp /usr/local/pair/phpBB/phpBB-3.0.7-PL1.tar.bz2 .

Note: Include “space” after “tar.bz2” also before the final period of the command. This command ensures that the script will be copied into the current directory.

Enter the command mentioned below into your SSH session:

tar -xjf phpBB-3.0.7-PL1.tar.bz2
chmod 705 phpBB3/config.php (folder security changes)

Final Steps Of Installation:-

To complete the installation process of the phpBB hosting package on your website, you must visit your domain name in web browser. This will access the phpBB configuration script by suffiex phpBB as :


As you get into the backend process, locate the “Basic Configuration” tag, the “Database Type” has to be “MySQL” and the “installation method” has to be set to “Install”.

In the “Database Configuration” section, you just have to enter the details which where taken into notice previously ; Database Server, Database Name, Username, and Full-Access Password, that you already have.

A user can leave the tables prefex in the database “set the default value as “phpbb_”.

Finally, within the “Admin Configuration” section, you must add details such as e-mail address. Also make sure you choose a username as well as password to the phpBB administrator bulletin board. You can leave the Domain Name, Server Port,Script path settings blanks as it will automatically take a default value.

Now you have to click on the “Start Install” tab and then get to the next page. As soon as you move to the next page a new page will appear that will show “Finish Installation.” .

This signifies that the process is complete and your bulitten board can be accessed through the following URL:


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