The SSL certificate is a digital certificate that is used as a security protocol over the internet. When visitors visit your website and make a purchase or transaction, their information is open to identity theft. Identity theft is a major problem that has resulted in theft of thousands of people’s credit card details. Therefore you must ensure that the information of your customers and visitors is protected. This is why it is crucial for every online retailer to have the SSL certificate in order to keep the personal information private and secure. SSL certificates work by creating a secure connection, it is possible to easily locate a safe connection on your website browser as you will see a HTTPS:// prefects in your address bar. SSL certificates are the secret keys that are scrambled and they make it impossible for a criminal to get access to the personal information of your customers while they are purchasing a product or service.

The use of SSL certificates will give complete security to your customers while shopping. If a customer is aware that your website is safe he/she will be more than happy to purchase from your website by using their debit or credit card and then customers will surely return to make more purchases and get more services from your website. If you are into online business it is highly important for you to have a SSL certificate and you must also be able to verify it. There is no doubt that online shopping has become much easier however the fast development of eCommerce websites has also attracted a lot of cyber crime. It is not very difficult for fake website to start imitating a business and taking orders and the personal details of the customers; this highlights the importance of a Secure Sockets Layer [SSL]; therefore every legitimate website should ensure that they have a SSL certificate when they accept payments by credit cards and the personal information of the customers is collected.