Types of redirect

There are two different types of redirect:

301 Permanent

The 301 redirect indicates a permanent change. Search engines will recognise the redirect and re-index the site.

302 Temporary

The 302 redirect is temporary which means that the old, or original page, stays indexed with search engines. A 302 redirect should not be a permanent solution because both pages continue to be indexed, affecting search rankings between the old and new pages.


  1. Click the Main Menu icon (1)
Site builder
  1. Click Site settings (2)
Main menu
  1. Click Redirects (3)
  2. Click Add a redirect or the + button (4)
Create a redirect
  1. Add the name of the page that you want to redirect your visitors from
  2. Choose the page to send them to
  3. Create the redirect
Adding a redirect
  1. You will then be returned to the Redirects page, where you will see all of your currently active redirects
Redirects page