How to Set a PHP Redirect for Your Website

December 15, 2022 / Command

PHP is used to power some of the most well-known websites in the world. Learn about the new functionality for your website, PHP redirects if your website was created in PHP.
So let us follow the steps to set a PHP redirect for your website:

  1. To create a redirect in PHP:
    1. Create a file name in the directory you wish to redirect from. In this article, we will redirect “test.php” to “”.
      <?php header(“Location:”); ?>
    2. Here “” is the URL you wish the users to be redirected to.
    3. This could even be a file. Then it appears like this:
      <?php header(“Location: anotherDirectory/anotherFile.php”); ?>
  2. Be sure to adjust the trial URL to the URL you want the website to forward.
    Note: The aforementioned files can be of any type; however, Python, HTML, CGI, Perl, and even CGI programmes should not be the only ones allowed.

This way, PHP redirects help search engines to route easily and firmly among the pages on your website. PHP makes setting redirects simple thanks to the header () function. For more information regularly visit our site and for any help contact our support staff.

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