R1Soft is a very efficient backup software that provides with continuous data protection. Web Hosting UK offers R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software with VPS hosting and every hosting plan above VPS to protect the data continuously. R1Soft CDP provides with a very efficient data backup plan as it involves bit-level disk-based data protection also enabling multiple recovery points. This post illustrates the process of restoring R1Soft backup on the server.

Follow the instructions given below to create a backup in the R1Soft CDP Server System

1. Open the Web browser that connects to the CDP Server Web Interface and log in.



2. Click on “Hosts” in the Main Menu in order to access the “Hosts” page.

**Note – The “Host’s” page would load automatically once you log in



3. You can select the host by clicking on the appropriate Host Name link in the “Host Name” column. Or you can also click on the corresponding “Open” link under “Actions” section.

**Note – You can also use the Host List filter to find a particular host



4. Now click on “Backup and Restore” (This is a new feature in Version 2.5) on the “Host” Menu. **pic 4

5. When the following page is displayed, click on “Schedule Backup”.


6. The “Schedule a new Backup task” page will load. You will have to define the following settings specific to the new Backup Task:

  • Save Task – Select this check box to save the Backup Task
  • Enabled – Select this check box to enable the Backup Task
  • Description – You can use a name to distinguish this task from other scheduled backup tasks
  • Recurrence– Define the schedule and frequency for the new backup task (Now, Minutely, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly). If you wish to run a Backup immediately, leave the default “Now” selected in the drop-down menuBackup Task Options:
  • Only keep the last x recovery points – Select this check box to enable and define the Rotation Policy
  • Defragment data files when finished – Read more in Disk Safe Defragmention
  • Verify recovery point when finished – Select this check box to verify the recovery point upon completion of the Backup
  • Devices to Backup – Select the Device(s) you would like to Backup


7. Click on “OK” to save the Backup Task



The process of restoring R1Soft backup on the server is now complete!