In this guide, we have explained how to resolve the unlimited cPanel quota issue. The disk quota allotted to various accounts is referred to as the cPanel Quota. The maximum quantity of data can be kept in a certain directory under a user’s account. Using the cPanel interface, you can set and change the quota for the cPanel account. Typically, the cPanel quota is shown in megabytes (MB).

First, let us know some of the reasons why this problem occurs:

  1. The quotas have been made unlimited by a recent cPanel update.
  2. Additional log files are included in the user’s cPanel allowance.
  3. The user’s cPanel quota included the backup directory.
  4. Files that the same user has access to elsewhere on the server

Now, let us resolve a quick cPanel Quota error by following the steps:

Use Command-line:

  1. Use the command below to see if /dev/root is present in your container:
    ll /dev/root
  2. Try attaching it to xvda if it doesn’t already exist:
    ln -s /dev/xvda /dev/root
  3. Run the command line:

Your quotas ought to be fixed when this command has been executed.

Note that this technique is a bit complex, so proceed with caution. Ask a tech-savvy associate to perform it for you if you’re unsure you can complete the task correctly, or submit a support ticket to the technical support team. For more such KBs, visit our KB section regularly.