This article explains how to resolve the “Server error: ‘550 Restricted characters in the address” of Outlook. This is an SMTP error, which mainly occurs because of the configurations of the “Exim services”.

To fix this issue, one must reconfigure the service:

  1. Connect to your hosting by opening your FTP client.
  2. Find the “exim.conf” file and the file path “:etc/exim”.
  3. Execute the following code to stop the exim service before moving further.
    systemctl stop exim
  4. To make the “exim.confg” file inactive, rename it.
  5. Download a new exim.conf file and upload it on the FTP client.
  6. Run the following command after uploading:
    systemctl start exim

This way the exim service is started again and the error in Outlook is resolved. If need extra assistance, contact our support staff at your earliest. Also, do not forget to check out our latest web hosting plans.