How to reset your WordPress Password using cPanel

You might often come across this situation when you forget the password for your WordPress blog and you don’t remember what email you used for the user either. In that case you do not have to panic as there is a Plan B for getting your password back and regaining control of your blog in just a matter of minutes.

Just follow the simple steps and get your blog back. The best to do this through the WP database which can be accessed using phpMyAdmin.

STEP 1: Login to your cPanel and look for “phpMyAdmin” under “Databases” Section or simply type it in the search bar and it will come up in the results below.


STEP 2: Click on the PhpMyadmin logo which will open the databases then click on the Blog database.


STEP 3: Go to the WP Users file which would be the last one in the sidebar on your left.

STEP 4: Open the WP Users file and Click on ‘Edit‘ as shown in the image below.

WP Users Edit

STEP 5: Change your password in the user_pass box and press GO.


STEP 6: Your password is now changed and you can access your blog.

Note: You can also change your ‘Admin’ username when changing your password as described in Step 5. If you use the default username then it is advisable to change it to something more secure as the default username is targeted by hackers as you might have heard of the WordPress attacks.

If everything goes fine and you do not see any errors, you should be able to login to WordPress blogs with your new password.

If you have problems resetting the password yourself, you can seek assistance of your WordPress hosting provider.