How to reset my Drupal admin password?

Ans:- The Drupal admin password can be easily reset from the Drupal database. The Drupal database can be accessed through phpMyAdmin tool available with your web hosting account. Follow the below steps to get your drupal admin password reset quickly:

1. Login to cPanel -> Databases box -> phpMyAdmin;
2. Select the Druapl database folder from the left navigation bar. The page will refresh and and the Drupal database’s tables will be displayed on it.
3. Click on the SQL tab.
4. In the text field write the following SQL query:

update users set pass=md5(‘NEWPASS’) where uid = 1; where “NEWPASS” is your new Drupal administrative password.

Click on the “GO” button to submit the query. If the query is executed correctly and no errors are displayed then you should be able to login with the new password.

If there’s any problem while resetting the password, contact your web hosting provider for further assistance. Web Hosting UK provides the best Drupal hosting services and such requests are handled with ease.