Protect Your Website From Spamming –

Spamming is one of the biggest headache to a webmaster and online marketer.Every one knows that spamming is done in different ways such as email spamming,web traffic spamming,forum spamming,spamming by blog commenting and many more other ways as well too do so. Spamming can be conducted through a automated software or could by a individual human hands.

Spanners can obtain addresses through various online methods. More sophisticated spamming id knowned as phishing which involves unsolicited emails that appear to be from real and trusted companies, such as banks, shopping sites, and payment services and many more. For protecting your website or a wordpress hosting blog from the issues, it’s very necessary to protect your website before it’s too late.

There are some solutions that can be done to protect you from spamming.

a. Make sure your content management system script is always updated to the latest stable version.
b. A good option available online is the ReCaptcha plugin for WordPress. Install a captcha plugin for getting protected from the spamm.
c. WordPress has a program preinstalled against spam – Akismet.

Before you install Akismet on your blog, you need the WordPress API key with you. If you are registered on the official page of WordPress. You will get API key in your WordPress dashboard.If you do not see the key, you must register at the official blog of WordPress . Once you got registered with the website,you will receive a welcome email as well as your API key with in your e-mail.Then the below mentioned procedure is how you can prosed further.

How to activate Akismet for your blog:

Step I. Go to your WordPress Plugins admin -> installed.
Step II. Select the “Enable” option to get started with the Akismet plugin.
Step III. Click on “Enter your API key (you can also click on Akismet Configuration Plugins section)
Step IV. Enter your WordPress API key.
Step V. Options Click Update.
Step VI. If you typed the correct API key, it will be confirmed.

After activating the plugin Akismet will keep your blog from spam. You can find the blog comment spam. You will also get the flag spam blog comments section with in the admin area.

d. You can use the WordPress plugin knowned as “Project Honey Pot” to get protected or to stop the online comments from the doubtful IPs.