The objective of this guide is to help you with the following:

  • Effective migration of users over a WordPress site to another.
  • Help you with the technical steps involved in migration.
  • Cautions while going about with the migration

Like I tell in every tutorial – whatever you are planning to do in a live environment ‘TAKE A BACK-UP’. It’s very important and proves really helpful when things don’t turn-up as per our expectations.

After you have secured a latest copy of your website, it’s time to move on with the procedure.

Well, if you are only interested in moving only the users from one WordPress installation to the other, you’d have to do it through the database.

CAUTION: You must ensure that the destination database is empty, because if you are trying to transfer users from the database of the old site to a new one that already contains a list of users, there are chances that you may end up overwriting them.

You must follow the below procedure to migrate users :

Step 1: Export WordPress Users

Step 1.1 – Log into cPanel.

Step 1.2 – Go to phpMyAdmin.



Step 1.3 – Choose the database that the site is currently using.



Step 1.4 – Hit the Export.



Step 1.5 – Choose the radio button titled Custom.



Step 1.6 – Under “Object creation options“, check the boxes for DROP TABLE / VIEW / PROCEDURE / FUNCTION / EVENT / TRIGGER statement and Add CREATE PROCEDURE / FUNCTION / EVENT statement.



Step 1.7 – Click Go.

Step 1.8 – Save the file to your local computer.

Step 2: Import Users to Target WordPress Site

Step 2.1 – Log into cPanel.

Step 2.2 – Go to phpMyAdmin.



Step 2.3 – Choose the database that the site is currently using.



Step 2.4 – Click Import.



Step 2.5 – Under File to Import, click the Browse button.



Step 2.6 – Go to the destination where you had saved the file in Step 1.8 above and select it.

Step 2.7 – Click OK.

Step 2.8 – Click Go.

The system would then start importing the users to the target database. You may then access the dashboard through the admin area of WordPress and ensure if the migration is successfully performed.

If you face any issues with that, please contact our technical support department via. Live chat or open a ticket in Help desk.