WordPress is an open source software and it can be installed for free. In order to get the WordPress software, you will have to go to www.wordpress.org for downloading the latest release. Before you start the process of installing WordPress, you must upload the downloaded files to your web host via FTP. You can use FileZilla of FireFTP for this. Also make sure to have your MySQL account information with you. Now the following process can be followed for installing WordPress on your website.

Step 1 : Configuration File

Go to the homepage of your blog. The first page displays a message that tells you you need a configuration file. Click on the “Create a Configuration File” button to create the configuration file in order proceed the installation.

If in case you get a message that the configuration file could not be created, then make a copy of wp-config-sample.php and rename it to wp-config.php.
The next screen willstrate what information is required for proceeding. Normally your web host will provide with the necessary information. Click on the “Let’s Go!” button:

Step 2 : Connection Details

Fill in your connection details in this screen; you will have to fill in the following information:
Database name : fill in the database name your web host gave you.
User Name : fill in your MySQL user name.
Password : fill in your MySQL password.
Database host : in most cases this is “localhost”. If not, check the info your web host gave you.
Table prefix : the standard value is “wp_” and this will work fine. This means that when WordPress creates your tables, all your table names will start with “wp_”. But for security reasons, it is important to change your table prefix to something else. For instance it can be “cms_”.
Once you have submitted the right details, click on the “Submit” button.

Step 3 : Run The Install

In this step, all you need to do is click on “Run the install” button. WordPress will create all the tables required. This process will not take more than a couple of seconds.

Step 4 : Information Required

In this screen you have to fill in some basic information of your new blog:
Site title: fill in the title of your blog.
Username : fill in the administrator username. For security reasons, do not use “admin” or “administrator”.
Password, twice : fill in your password twice.
Your e-mail : fill in the e-mail adress you want to use for your blog.
Allow my site to appear in search engines like Google and Technorati : One of the great strenghts of WordPress is that search engines like Google will easily find your blog. So when you’re building a blog or a website, be sure to check this checkbox.
Click the “Install WordPress” button.

Step 5 : Process Completed

The process is completed. Now you can visit your (very basic) blog or you can log in to your website and create some content.