PhpBB Forum Installation and It’s Testing Procedure

phpBB is easy as well as essential website management. With the designing as well as management system where as phpBB is free and open source forum software that is easy to use, powerful, and highly customizable. Most of the hosted websites who are completely interested in forums requires phpBB. A end user can also download phpBB before accessing their site to run your own page.

Basically phpBB requires few things while installation and with the user who are new to this areas will face some sort of issue while the installation. Before installing the forum, a user need some basic information regarding the Database as well as about the Database user who are going to manage the entire structure. We have to add the information such as username / password with in the database for accessing the dashboard. If you still have some issues look at the Database section of Cpanel hosting for further information and clerification of the scenario.

While installation of the phpBB forum, procedure will ask you with some of the basic information you need to know such as DB info, which you need to enter for further execution of the process:

PhpBB Forum Installation :-

The below mentioned procedure is the procedure guide for the user who are new the PhpBB Forum installation. The database which is being used is the SQLite, must be created priorly . The database has the core importance as it should get a special attention for setting the proper permissions.

1. You have to download the latest updated version of phpBB from
2. As soon as your download, extract it into the web server’s document root directory.
3. Most importantly the user have to change the ownership with in the phpBB’s config.php file to the user that httpd runs as.
4. Create a new directory which will hold the SQLite database in a location which is outside of the web server root location folder.
5. Create few empty file to use the SQLite database initially.
6. Change ownership on the SQLite database directory and file to the user that httpd runs as.

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Host: localhost
Port: 3306
Database: The required name you should enter for the DB you want to created.
User name: The required name you should enter for the DB you want to created.
Password: The required name you should enter for the DB you want to created.

PhpBB Forum Configuration :-

The below mentioned will guide a user with the database settings. Other configuration customizations setting with in phpBB are left to the local system.

1. First of all you have to point your web browser to the mentioned link http://servername/phpBB3/ 2. Follow through the installation steps until you come to “Database settings”.
3. As soon the procedure is done you have to click on the INSTALL tab.
4. Enter the path to the SQLite database file created in the installation section above, in the field for “Database server hostname or DSN” . Do not enter any other database configuration information.
5. Proceed with the remaining installation steps.

Testing PhpBB Forum installation :-

Testing of the configuration whether its is done or not. As a user follow the web-based installation procedure and some possible remedies to the common errors which comes or being displayed with in the browser. However there are a few pages that can be examined, if you cannot access the phpBB start page.

1. Run the netstat -tl to verify whether the httpd is listening on port 80.
2. There is a good test script at which will Check that PHP is installed properly.
3. We have to verify the firewall rules, allow unrestricted access for on port 80 for any hosts trying to access phpBB. Test network connectivity to the server by pinging it from another machine.